[Bioclusters] end user applications

Nick I clusterbuilder at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 15:37:26 EDT 2005


I maintain http://www.clusterbuilder.org, a research site that
highlights a broad spectrum of high performance computing related
technologies with links to reviews, comparisons and other information
related to the many HPC solutions available.

I recently added a section for industry specific end-user applications
under the "Software" category. I need users of these type of
applications that run on clusters to let me know about the
applications they use in their field of study. If you don't use any
applications on a cluster, but know of some please let me know. Also,
let me know if there are changes you would make in how I listed the

Please go ahead and respond to this email in the user list so that
others can give their opinions as well. Links that you mention in the
user list I will be sure to include on Cluster Builder.

Thank you for your help.

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