[Bioclusters] BLAST 2.2.12 released

Brodie, Kent brodie at mcw.edu
Fri Dec 16 17:13:16 EST 2005

Silly question, since I am a tad new to NCBI stuff:

We obtained Linux IA64 binaries some time ago when we got a few IA64
servers --  and while I see the announcement references several binary
sets, IA64 seems to be no longer on the list when I checked out the
download area.  

(Yeah, I know, Itanium was sexy technology for a while, but everyone has
moved on to AMD.....)....

That's OK; I can deal with building the tools myself.

Can I assume that the very latest blast 2.2.13 source is part of the
"ncbi.tar.gz" file (same ftp dir), or is it elsewhere?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks, --Kent Brodie ; Medical College of Wisconsin

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<forwarded: RPMs will be available soon from 

We are pleased to announce the availability of BLAST 2.2.12. Binaries
available from the BLAST download page..........................

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