[Bioclusters] BLAST 2.2.12 released

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Dec 16 21:57:00 EST 2005

Hi Kent:

Brodie, Kent wrote:
> Silly question, since I am a tad new to NCBI stuff:
> We obtained Linux IA64 binaries some time ago when we got a few IA64
> servers --  and while I see the announcement references several binary
> sets, IA64 seems to be no longer on the list when I checked out the
> download area.  
> (Yeah, I know, Itanium was sexy technology for a while, but everyone has
> moved on to AMD.....)....

If you are interested, our IA64 RPMs are on 
http://downloads.scalableinformatics.com/downloads/ncbi ...

> That's OK; I can deal with building the tools myself.
> Can I assume that the very latest blast 2.2.13 source is part of the
> "ncbi.tar.gz" file (same ftp dir), or is it elsewhere?

Should be

> Any clarification would be appreciated.

I used the data.tar.gz from 2.2.12 to build the RPMs as I didn't see the 
2.2.13 data.tar.gz (scoring matrices).  Anyone find them?

> Thanks, --Kent Brodie ; Medical College of Wisconsin

Note:  Our source RPM should build anywhere that RPM 3.x/4.x works 
correctly.  That said, it is known to fail rebuild on  Fedora core 4 
machines due to RPM changes.  If anyone needs us to support this, please 
let me know.  This is actually a cause for concern (and has been for a 
while) as RPM is, at best, a moving target cross platform, and when it 
starts diverging sufficiently, some platforms are going to fall off the 
supported side of things.  That means, even with working src.rpm files, 
you might not be able to build the RPM because RPM is itself evolving 
per release.   We see this today with other RPM based projects which 
have diverged with added features of marginal utility, or removed 
features of importance.  Breaking RPM is a bad thing, and might just 
wind us all back at something that looks like a PAR/JAR file (zip file 
with metadata).


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> We are pleased to announce the availability of BLAST 2.2.12. Binaries
> are
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