[Bioclusters] Seqret

Nick Brockner nbrockne at hamilton.edu
Fri Feb 4 08:07:53 EST 2005

HI All,

I am having an issue with seqret, and was wondering if any of you have 
seen it, or know what may be happening.  Some requests work, and others 
don't.  For example, a request using the USA nt:L32140 returns the 
sequence, but when I try, for example, nt:U51243, this is what I get:

-bash-2.05b$ seqret nt:U51243
Reads and writes (returns) sequences
Error: Unable to read sequence 'nt:U51243'
Died: seqret terminated: Bad value for '-sequence' and no prompt

I know this sequence exists in the database.  I am using EMBOSS 2.8.0.  
I see no pattern in the sequences that fail vs the ones that work.



Nick Brockner
System Administrator, Biology Computing Facility
Hamilton College

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