[Bioclusters] Need some advice on a cluster for EST/cDNA assembly, clustering

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sun Feb 27 09:40:42 EST 2005

LAI Loong Fong wrote:
> The process in OSX 10.3 can only see up to 4GB of ram. From what I
> understand, 10.4 may or may not resolve this issue. I did heard about people
> buying from Apple but run YDL instead.

The big issue we keep seeing in 64 linux is running into ABI 
differences.  There are a few distributions that try to create a "pure" 
64 bit or a mixed 64 bit environment, and neither do a perfect job. 
Usually you see this in terms of broken software installation/builds. 
Other times libraries are broken, or headers, or paths to the 
libraries/headers ...

It would help if there were simple methods of tying paths to ABI's.

In terms of the 4GB limit, this is an annoyance today, and I suspect for 
most folks, will become a major issue in short order.  I think YDL is a 
RH variant, so hopefully it has support built in (if it was built from 
the 64 bit ports of RH).  If not, it would be nice if OSX came in an 
OSX64 (if not today, then soon).

I wonder if that would get compiler support though (the IBM compiler 


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