[Bioclusters] FW: cluster newbie

Andrew D. Fant fant at pobox.com
Wed Jan 5 14:45:38 EST 2005

Nick D'Angelo wrote:

> I am sure this has been asked many times before, but what is the preferred
> method or perhaps 'best' method of clustering a few 3-5 RedHat or other
> Linux flavours to best suit our Bioinfo R and D group?
> I have come across biobrew with their own cd distribution install and also
> this group.
> I was going to originally look at Fedora core 2, but that appeared to be
> painful due to the kernel re-compile and to be honest, the documentation
> appeared to be quite poor, at least what I found.
Everyone here will have plenty of opinions how to do the actual 
integration.  There are many ways that it can be done.  The one piece of 
advice I would give, however, is to take the time to become comfortable 
with kernel compiles.  If you are going to be working with linux at a 
low enough level, there's no way to get around having to rebuild a 
kernel from time to time.  The first couple times will be scary, but 
with a little practice, it quickly becomes routine.


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