[Bioclusters] Cluster ideas/suggestions

Florian Haberl Florian.Haberl at chemie.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Jan 13 10:28:49 EST 2005

> What about their desktop machines (relatively New Dell PCs), have them
> automatically shutdown and reboot, say at 8:00 pm and then join the cluster
> until 05:00 am.
> Then at 5:00 am, initiate another reboot that will present the Windows
> Login for the 'normal business day'.

Why not use vmware (linux running, vmware runs windows). We are running here 
this with our student pcs (around 20 PIV 2.8ghz), till know without problems. 
Main problem will be of coure licence costs.
You can even use them whole day, only thing is to set nice level good. Normal 
desktop machines need no cpu power, even duron 700 is enough to work ;)

> This would make great use of the hundreds of computers that are mostly
> sitting idle during the off hours 'normal business day'.
> Thoughts, suggestions always appreciated, thanks.
> Nick
> In case you need to know,  I am likely going to install the BioBrew v3.x
> which has just been pre-leased in Beta I believe.



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