[Bioclusters] Cluster ChargeBack Schemes

Steve Pittard wsp at emory.edu
Sat Jan 15 16:17:51 EST 2005

Hello, I'm interested in one of the more boring aspects of high throughput
cluster computing which is that of implementing chargeback schemes and
organizing queue systems to insure, for example, that a user who might
have bought %40 of a cluster (in terms of nodes) is always assured priority
access (on 40% of the nodes). Now. I use Sun Grid Engine and have used it
to establish priorities and queues though I'm curious how other people manage
this problem.

Users who actually buy nodes to add on to the cluster are particularly conerned about being able to use "their" nodes whenver they submit a job. Of course
I explain and show them to them how the queuing system (Sun Grid Engine) works
and while that helps them to understand what is going on underneath the hood
its a common problem that I have to deal with perceptions (mostly from power
users) that they can indeed get "their share".

How are others setting things up in terms of policies ? Are you creating
subscriptions based on anticipated usage ? Weighted queues to reflect
someone's investment in the cluster ? A straight , one-class  queue
system ? Prime vs non-prime ? Post job accounting records for chargeback ?
I've come to understand that many academic centers are blissfully free from
having to do any type of chargeback (lucky people indeed) though some
aren't. Any one want to share their views and experiences ?

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