[Bioclusters] mpiBLAST 1.4.0 release announcement

Aaron Darling darling at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Jul 11 12:31:17 EDT 2005

The mpiBLAST team announces the availability of mpiBLAST 1.4.0

mpiBLAST 1.4.0 contains several critical enhancements to mpiBLAST's 
performance, scalability, and stability.  This release attained a 305x 
speedup searching the nt database with 128 worker CPUs.  The previous 
fastest mpiBLAST release gives only 180x speedup on the same data set.  
Other improvements include result ordering that matches NCBI's blastall 
and a variety of bugfixes to features like database updating and database

We are also pleased to announce that the mpiBLAST web site has migrated 
to a new wiki-based platform at http://mpiblast.org.  The new site fuses 
information that was previously scattered across several sites.  Parts 
of the site are directly editable using the PmWiki language.

Downloads of mpiBLAST 1.4.0 are available here:

Installation instructions are here:

And a more complete list of changes in 1.4.0 is here:

On behalf of our development team, I would like to personally thank 
everybody who contributed code and submitted bug reports for this 
release.  Several new features in the mpiBLAST 1.4.0 release are based 
entirely on your feedback and code contributions.

--The mpiBLAST Team

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