[Bioclusters] idsfasta to index NCBI nt database.

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Jun 13 02:38:54 EDT 2005

On 12 Jun 2005, at 11:16 pm, Luobin Yang wrote:

> When I use idsfasta program from EMBOSS to index NCBI nt fasta format
> database, the program complains that "duplicate ID found" and aborts.
> Has anyone used idsfasta program to index NCBI nt database and has the
> same problem? I tried to change the fields option from acum (accession
> number) to seqvn (sequence version and GI) but it doesn't solve the
> problem.

Maybe there really is a duplicate entry in the data.  It isn't unknown 
for them to slip through occasionally.  It's simple enough to check 
whether the ID is duplicated yourself, and remove one of the entries 
(presumably the older one) if it is.


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