[Bioclusters] notes and pictures from a "wet lab baby-biocluster" project

Josh Goodman jogoodma at bio.indiana.edu
Fri Mar 18 12:59:15 EST 2005

 	I would be surprised if this was true as I just installed 2x 336 
and a 335 eServer into our non-IBM standard 19" rack a couple of weeks 
ago.  The rails they came with fit just fine.  The rack mount instructions 
even had several notes on how to modify the rails if it didn't fit your 
non-IBM rack.  I didn't have to do any modifications to the rails.


>The biggest problem with IBM and the reason I'll probably never purchase
>eSeries servers again is that apparently IBM refuses to sell any sort
>generic rail mounting kits for the e-series product line (this is what
>the integrator told me; have not verified this yet). They ship with rail
>kits that *only* work in IBM branded server cabinets. Given that we were
>installing into a non-IBM 12U cabinet this was a big issue. Our
>integrator found a 3rd party rail reseller that makes compatible rails
>but we could not order them in time. To me this is just annoying and (if
>true) due to the annoyance factor I'll probably buy my dual Opterons
>from Sun in the future (assuming Sun will sell me a generic rail kit...)

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