[Bioclusters] notes and pictures from a "wet lab baby-biocluster" project

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Mar 18 13:06:38 EST 2005

Thanks Josh-

I hope this is the case as well.  I'll grab some of the unused rail kits 
and see if/how they can fit into various 4-post non-Telco cabinets in 
our lab and will report back on the success/failure rate.


Josh Goodman wrote:

> Chris,
>     I would be surprised if this was true as I just installed 2x 336 and 
> a 335 eServer into our non-IBM standard 19" rack a couple of weeks ago.  
> The rails they came with fit just fine.  The rack mount instructions 
> even had several notes on how to modify the rails if it didn't fit your 
> non-IBM rack.  I didn't have to do any modifications to the rails.
> Josh
>> The biggest problem with IBM and the reason I'll probably never purchase
>> eSeries servers again is that apparently IBM refuses to sell any sort
>> generic rail mounting kits for the e-series product line (this is what
>> the integrator told me; have not verified this yet). They ship with rail
>> kits that *only* work in IBM branded server cabinets. Given that we were
>> installing into a non-IBM 12U cabinet this was a big issue. Our
>> integrator found a 3rd party rail reseller that makes compatible rails
>> but we could not order them in time. To me this is just annoying and (if
>> true) due to the annoyance factor I'll probably buy my dual Opterons
>> from Sun in the future (assuming Sun will sell me a generic rail kit...)

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