[Bioclusters] Announcing iNquiryXTE: A Mac OS X desktop application interface to an iNquiry cluster

Twigger Simon simont at mcw.edu
Tue May 24 13:19:10 EDT 2005

Hi Bill,

I havent had a chance to play with this yet but how hard would it be  
to add in support for other online bioinformatic web services such as  
MOBY, EBI, eUtils, etc? I've been looking at Automator and the  
webservice action they provide but its going to be a little clunky  
and hard to pull togther in such a nice interface like XTE has.  
Obviously this might conflict with your plans for iNquiry as users  
could access these services elsewhere and not necessarily need their  
own xserve system in the basement. Alternatively it might get them  
hooked on this type of approach and encourage them to get their own  
servers to speed their analyses up.

The other potentially cool thing to do would be to use something like  
this as a front end for a Taverna workflow - that way you (or others)  
could use Taverna to create the workflows between the other web  
services (non-iNquiry based),then use XTE or an automator action to  
kick it off and let the taverna workflow engine do its thing behind  
the scenes. Taverna is in need of a user friendly front end and  
putting something that is *easy to use* on people's desktops would be  
a great next step and widen your audience beyond iNquiry-based users.

Great to see you guys playing with this technology and getting  
something tangible out there so fast! :)


On May 23, 2005, at 1:46 PM, William Van Etten wrote:

> iNquiryXTE (X Tiger Edition) is a FREE and open source Mac OS X  
> Desktop application that functions both as a web services client to  
> an iNquiry enabled Apple Workgroup Cluster and an Automator action  
> generator.
> Take a look, kick the tires, contribute to the code.
> http://www.bioteam.net/inquiryxte/
> Bill
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