[Bioclusters] Admins / node?

Christopher Dwan cdwan at bioteam.net
Thu Feb 2 10:30:28 EST 2006


You raise a really valid point.  In my opinion there are two basic  
sorts of environment:

1) Your organization includes a research IT core.  You're going to  
add a cluster to it.  How many people do you add to that core?  Or,  
if you're the core, how many new admins do you "bid" in order to  
agree that you can support this new system?

2) Everyone else.

My feeling is that group 2 will require more person hours than group  
1, since there are a lot of baseline networking / facilities / IT /  
account management responsibilities that come along with any big  
computing resource.

-Chris Dwan

On Feb 2, 2006, at 10:09 AM, Brodie, Kent wrote:

> That's a really good question.   I am also going to assume there's as
> many answers as there are list subscribers.

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