[Bioclusters] FPGA in bioinformatics clusters (again?)

Alan Kilian kilian at bobodyne.com
Mon Jan 16 10:04:45 EST 2006

    This is a very interesting discussion about FPGAs in bioinformatics.

    I generally only post to help with technical questions, but this
    discussion has had a lot of marketing information and opinions in
    it, so I feel it should be OK to post just one marketing-related 
    mail. I promise it's the only one I'll post.

    I have been reading about a speedup factor of 10x to 100x when using
    a C-to-FPGA converter, and I would like to point out that for 
    specific kinds of searches, we have seen speeds of 200X to 2,000X
    using our FPGA accelerators. We spend our R&D money to hand-craft
    the fastest loadfile so that your researchers can do the work they
    are interested in. 
    If you would like to see citations of FPGAs used in this field,
    please see our marketing material at:   

    If you would like to see articles written by TimeLogic,
    please see our marketing material at:   

    If you would like to see a list of current customers,
    please see our marketing material at:

    For further discussions, please contact me directly so that this
    list can remain a productive discussion of bioclusters.

    Thank you for allowing me this one-time-only marketing presentation.

                        -Alan Kilian Director of Bioinformatics
			 TimeLogic (kilian at timelogic.com)

- Alan Kilian <kilian(at)bobodyne.com>

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