[Bioclusters] flexlm servers on VMware

Olemans Eric olemans at imec.be
Thu Jan 19 10:21:39 EST 2006

Dear Steve,

google showed me your '2 cents' on FlexLM servers on Vmware :

...2 cents on flexlm servers.
We are moving our flexlm servers to a single virtual system. If you have

had the hastle of transfering multiple flexlm licenses to another server

because of a NIC card or system dying, you will know why....

Can you tell me whether you have successfully moved your FLexLM servers
to Vmware ?

We know have 3 HP-UX FlexLM servers (in a redundant FlexLM setup), but
it looks like we would have to go to
* 3 Linux FlexLM servers for academic licenses
* 3 Linux FlexLM servers for commercial licenses (cadence, for instance,
no longer wants to hand out commercial and academic licenses from the
same servers)
* 3 Windows FlexLM servers
I was thinking about just sticking to 3 phyiscal machines and do the
rest virtually...

Can you tell me your experience with your setup ? And do you know of
other people who've done the same ?

Any comments/thoughts/2 cents would be greatly appreciated.



                                                          ERIC OLEMANS  

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