[Bioclusters] Overcoming Grid drawbacks

Kathleen kathleen at massivelyparallel.com
Fri Jan 20 21:59:45 EST 2006

Hey, can I take a poll?  
I'm learning that many enterprises are adverse to outsourcing BLAST, for
instance, even if it means freeing up maxed out resources.  I haven't quite
figured that out, but I'm sure someone will educate me.  Larry? :-)
Furthermore, funding may not be such that acquiring additional hardware
resources is a viable "immediate" option.  Perhaps that's why GRID computing
is so attractive, but GRID computing comes with it's own limitations.  What
if enterprises could tap unused resources on its network without the
scheduling problems, data collisions, and I/O problems?  What if users could
propagate a "grid-type" application automatically from one node and what if
the application could dynamical reassign resources on the fly when users log
on to nodes in use by the "virtual supercomputer"?  Is this of interest in
the bioinformatics community?
Please educate me.  I really want to know what users need and want.  Thanks.
Kathleen Erickson
Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc.
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