[Bioclusters] N1 grid engine install problem

scott Powers spowers.42 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 11:58:04 EDT 2006

Hi.  I installed suns N1GE on my main server, a sgi origin200 which went
fine.  I set the ports to 536 and 537 like in the installation docs from
sun.  However when i go to install the execution host software on my g4 mac
with osx 10.4.6 it doesnt recognize the existance of the server on the
origin.  I have the mac listed in the administrative hosts list on the
origin, and all of the /etc/hosts entries seem correct.  on the mac i opened
up those two ports in the firewall settings.  however, i am still unable to
get it to install.  Has anyone else encountered this issue, or have any
possible fixes.
Scott Powers
UNH dept. of Microbiology
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