[Bioclusters] N1 grid engine install problem

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Jul 6 08:42:49 EDT 2006

Hi Scott,

Grid Engine installation is pretty trivial on Apple systems, you'll  
have to provide more debug information before any of us can help.  
Cutting and pasting the output from your attempt to run "./ 
install_execd" on the Mac may help -- we need to see what errors you  
are getting.

Some tips:

1. Environment variables override port settings in /etc/services. If  
you want to be really sure SGE is using the proper ports on your  
Apple system, do something along the lines of this before you run ./ 

  # export SGE_QMASTER=536
  # export SGE_EXECD=537

2. Grid Engine is extremely sensitive to issues of hostname  
resolution and forward/reverse DNS settings. You should examine the  
file on your Origin SGE system at location: $SGE_ROOT/default/common/ 
act_qmaster -- that file should contain the hostname of the SGE  
master node as Grid Engine believes it to be. Your apple system needs  
to be able use this file to learn how to contact the master node. If  
the system name is not fully qualified or you cant do a DNS lookup on  
it from your Apple system then this would also be a probem. You'd  
have to use a host_aliases file and/or make an /etc/hosts entry to  
force the SGE client code into finding the master.

Also let us know what version of N1GE and if you are using a  
$SGE_ROOT that is shared via NFS between the Apple and SGI system


On Jul 4, 2006, at 11:58 AM, scott Powers wrote:

> Hi.  I installed suns N1GE on my main server, a sgi origin200 which  
> went fine.  I set the ports to 536 and 537 like in the installation  
> docs from sun.  However when i go to install the execution host  
> software on my g4 mac with osx 10.4.6 it doesnt recognize the  
> existance of the server on the origin.  I have the mac listed in  
> the administrative hosts list on the origin, and all of the /etc/ 
> hosts entries seem correct.  on the mac i opened up those two ports  
> in the firewall settings.  however, i am still unable to get it to  
> install.  Has anyone else encountered this issue, or have any  
> possible fixes.
> Thanks,
> Scott Powers
> UNH dept. of Microbiology
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