[Bioclusters] Getting_started_MAC_OS_X_N1SGE6_parallel

francois.fauteux2 at mail.mcgill.ca francois.fauteux2 at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Jul 6 16:42:37 EDT 2006


I am totally new to grid computing. I recently tried to run some 
sequence assembly process on a G5 (8Gb RAM) but the process did require 
more memory.

I installed N1SGE6 on 3 MACs G5 under 10.4.7 (connected trough a 
router) (alltogheter 13Gb RAM) and I would like to run the assembly 
process in parallel trough the cluster hoping that memory resources 
would be sufficient for the process to complete.

I would appreciate hints as to "for-dummies-fast-how-to" configure the 
cluster / submit the job properly.

I installed master and hosts with defaults settings. First try with 
examples/simple.sh returns (w. qmon):
No free slots for interactive job!
while 5 PCUs are available.

Any hint as to how to properly configure the 
cluster/project/queues/parallel environments; or to use qsub with 
usefull options -for a fast getting started- would be greatly 
appreciated; thanks.


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