[Bioclusters] CfP: Scientific Development Poster Session at WWDC 2006

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon May 22 21:15:11 EDT 2006

The following announcement comes from Robert Kehrer at Apple Computer:

CfP: Scientific Development Poster Session at WWDC 2006

There's a HOT new addition to the WWDC this year (Aug 7-11 in SF) that the 
Bioinformatics.Org community might be interested in.

* Apple heard loud and clear last year that the ability to present at a poster 
session would help many academic researchers get funding to attend the conference.
* Apple also clearly heard that scientific attendees want to be able to 
showcase their work and collaborate with researchers in similar disciplines.

This year's WWDC will feature a Scientific Development Poster Session as part 
of the many Science Community activities. We are inviting the entire science 
community to submit an abstract of their work for approval and, if accepted, 
prepare a poster to present at the conference. Posters presented at the WWDC 
2006 Scientific Development Poster Session will focus on software or hardware 
development techniques using Apple development tools and/or Mac OS X 
technologies to address key issues in the sciences. Possible topics include, 
but are not limited to:

     * Use of Mac OS X “Tiger” technologies
     * Scientific or medical visualization
     * Multithreading and parallelization
     * Scientific computation and simulation
     * Signal/data processing
     * Database and data streaming using Mac OS X
     * High-performance computing and clustering
     * Scripting and automation


The deadline for submission is Friday July 7th 11:59pm PDT

Questions about the WWDC 2006 Scientific Development Poster Session should be 
sent to: wwdcposterquery at apple.com


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