[Bioclusters] running interpro on cluster

Michael Gang michael.gang at evogene.com
Mon Sep 4 06:09:01 EDT 2006

Dear all,

Well, it looks like we've got Interpro running on the cluster with the 
Sun Grid Engine queuing system.

Steps needed to make this work (technical details):

1 - Allow job submission from all nodes (!)
2 - Update qstat_ipr.pl in the iprscan/bin directory (the patch from 
interpro should work, basically-you need to use the -f flag for qstat).
3 - Create a symbolic link to iprscan/conf/sge6.env under 
3 - Change the following line in iprscan/sge6/conf

asyncsub=qsub -N [%jobid] [%optqueue] -shell n -b y -o /dev/null -e 
/dev/null [%env IPRSCAN_HOME]/conf/sge6-test.sh [%toolcmd]

To this:
asyncsub=qsub -N [%jobid] [%optqueue] -shell n -b y -o /dev/null -e 
/dev/null [%toolcmd]

Best regards,
Michael Gang
Evogene Bioinformatics

P.S. I would like to specially thank Mr. Powers for his great help

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