[Bioclusters] running interpro at all

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Tue Sep 5 00:06:20 EDT 2006

Before tackling interpro over sge6 I tried a single host install.

When interpro sets itself up it creates a file in  conf/localenv.sh
When a job is submitted this becomes <jobname>.dsub

It tries unsuccessfully to use a local command instead of rsh
 when we would be rsh-ing back the the same host.
To fix this bug and some limitations, change the file to:

echo "[%toolexitcode]"

case $rhost in
            [%cmd] ;;
            rsh $rhost "[%cmd]";;
exit 0

Without a dollars sign on  "ihost"  it will always use rsh.
If you make the test string      case $rhost in   ''|localhost|$ihost*)
 it allows   host.exec   to be empty or localhost.
This allows a non-host-specific install,
 so you can just duplicate it across your cluster
 without having to run the install separately for each node.


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