[Bioclusters] pipeline pilot vs. taverna?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Feb 20 16:17:16 EST 2009

Hershel Safer wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Without meaning to incite any flame wars, I would like to ask about the
> relative advantages of Pipeline Pilot and Taverna.
> To be more specific, I am joining a startup drug-discovery company, which
> will use a combination of computational and wet-lab chemistry. The
> computational chemists will use a lot of Accelrys tools, as well as software
> from other vendors. We are looking for a tool to automate computational
> workflows, and the leading candidates seem to be Pipeline Pilot and Taverna.
>>From your experience, what are the strengths of the two tools? Does Pipeline
> Pilot operate better with the Accelrys tools because they're from the same
> company?

Our customers with other Accelrys tools seem to have the good level of 
integration between the systems.  We have helped some of them integrate 
that further into SGE for cluster submission, and it wasn't difficult.

I am not sure of the current state of Taverna.  It may require more 
customization work to integrate with the Accelrys tools.

This isn't a bad thing if your team is developing very specialized 
workflows and need greater flexibility than Pilot allows, though Pilot 
is quite flexible.


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