[Molvis-list] How can I include a rasmol animation in a Power Pointslide ?

Duane Sears sears at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Fri Oct 13 12:55:17 EDT 2006


I do not know how to display an embedded RasMol image in a PowerPoint slide, 
but I do know how to display an embedded webpage with an interactive Chime 
or JMol animation in a PowerPoint slide using the free LiveWeb Add-In for 
PowerPoint (http://skp.mvps.org/liveweb.htm).

>From my instructional biochemistry website you are welcome to download a 
PowerPoint file containing 3 slides with embedded webpages as well as 
additional action buttons for running macros that launch popup, stand-alone 
webpages over a PowerPoint slide when viewed in the Show mode.

I know you will need to install the LiveWeb Add-In before you will be able 
to create PowerPoint slides with embedded webpages.  I can't remember for 
sure whether or not you will need to install this Add-In before you will be 
able to view the embedded webpages in these slides, but I think so.

Note that your PowerPoint macro security settings (under 
Tools/Options/Security/Macro Security) should be set to "medium." The 
default setting after a PowerPoint installation is "high" and some of the 
features displayed on these slides will not work under this setting.

Also, select "Yes" if the dialog box appears for initiating ActiveX 

I hope you find this useful.

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> hello to everyone,
> please someone could tell me the way to insert a rasmol animation in a 
> powerpoint slide? I succeed in running Raswin.exe from an active button in 
> power point but I fail in properly visualizing the file onto the screen. 
> Many thanks to all readers,
> Roberto
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