[Molvis-list] Fwd: Internet Explorer 7 vs. Chime (messageCallback fails)

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Sat Nov 11 13:44:47 EST 2006

I have temporarily disallowed Internet Explorer 7 at proteinexplorer.org 
(online only; this change is not in the downloadable PE, which simply fails 
to start in IE7).

Here is some good news from MDL:

>From: "Klish III, Cypryan  (MDL US)" <C.Klish at mdl.com>
>To: emartz at microbio.umass.edu
>Cc: "Steele, Kimberly  (MDL US)" <K.Steele at mdl.com>,
>Subject: RE: [Molvis-list] Internet Explorer 7 vs. Chime (messageCallback
>         fails)
>Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 19:52:46 -0000
>Hello Dr. Martz,
>Elsevier MDL is aware of the problems you are encountering with Chime
>callback functions no longer working properly with the updated security
>paradigm found in Internet Explorer 7.0 and is actively investigating
>possible solutions for this.  We are planning a release of Chime which
>provides compatibility with Internet Explorer 7.0 and should have this
>available in the near future.  Since the official release of Internet
>Explorer 7.0 by Microsoft (which triggers our development work on Chime) was
>a fairly recent occurrence, I am not yet able to provide a date for this
>MDL's official statement regarding support of Internet Explorer 7.0 is
>available on the MDL website at:
>Best Regards,
>Cypryan Klish
>Elsevier MDL Customer Care
>Phone:  925.543.7341
>E-mail:  c.klish at mdl.com
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>Subject: [Molvis-list] Internet Explorer 7 vs. Chime (messageCallback fails)
>Internet Explorer version 7 is now available, and recommended by Microsoft.
>It replaces version 6 that has been recommended for several years. You are
>supposed to be able to uninstall it (presumably going back to IE6) but I
>haven't tried this.
>My preliminary tests with Chime in IE7 (done in Windows XP SP2) indicate:
>1. The MDL Chime 2.6 SP6 installer successfully installs Chime for IE7
>using the Windows Registry. (This avoids needing to manually copy
>npchime.dll, required for installation for Firefox and other Gecko
>browsers.) (The installation test was done with IE7 installed in its
>default location.)
>2. Chime sites that do not use messageCallback (and that are compatible
>with IE6) work fine in IE7.
>3. Chime sites that use messageCallback (and that are compatible with IE6)
>do not work properly in IE7. Each messageCallback generates an alert "The
>data that the plugin requested, did not download successfully". Chime loads
>and displays the molecule, and Chime's menu is available (after
>left-clicking on Chime, a new requirement in IE7) and works.
>I tried playing with IE7's settings a bit but did not find one that solved
>the messageCallback problem.
>Since Protein Explorer uses messageCallback to test whether Chime is
>installed, it fails to start. Also, it uses messageCallback very
>extensively, so even if it did start, it will not work. Therefore, people
>who plan to use Protein Explorer should plan to use Firefox if they plan to
>upgrade to IE7. Firefox supports all of PE's capabilities; IE6 does not;
>IE7 will not run PE at all.
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