[Molvis-list] RasMol RasWin installer testers needed

Dr. Christoph Gille christoph.gille at charite.de
Thu Nov 16 12:11:38 EST 2006

I tested raswin on Windows 2000 and it already looks quite good.

Installation and starting from the windows start menu worked well.
I did not find the rasmol command shell. How can I select residues ?

If "copy" in menu edit is copying the image
to the clipboard you should label it
"copy image". I was wondering whether there is a new feature and
I could copy atoms.

Starting from shell:
neither raswin.exe nor rasmol.exe is known.
Installer failed to set the PATH variable.

CMD.EXE: I could start it with full path c:\Programme\RasWin\raswin.exe.
This is uncomfortable and users should be able to start it by typing rasmol.

What is really nice is that it is accepting long file names for pdb files.
I can use standard file separator (slash) and DOS file separator (backslash).

After Rasmol started the shell prompt is not accepting rasmol commands as I
know it from UNIX.
The control is taken over by CMD.EXE again.

CYGWIN-BASH: Rasmol application frame is comming up
but I get a memory error and Windows closes the application.

The mouse wheel is not working otherwise mouse controle is OK.

I hope this helps


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