[Molvis-list] RasMol RasWin installer testers needed

Herbert J. Bernstein yaya at bernstein-plus-sons.com
Thu Nov 16 13:30:35 EST 2006

Dear Chris,

   Thank you.  This is very helpful.

   The command window starts minimized.  You should find it in the task
bar at the bottom of your screen.

   You are right, I should offer the install option of adding
the install directory to the path.

   Commands go into the RasWin command window, not the shell that
started it to be consistent with the double click style of
starting.  I am hitting a problem in the other direction
under Mac OS X X11 and Linux X11, in which multilingual support is
easier if I have those two start their own command windows
instead of the current practice of using the external shell
window.  I am open to suggestions on what would make users
most comfortable, but now that we are close to release of
the Chinese and Japanese versions, easy language switching
is critical.

   This is not a cygwin version.  It is a native windows version.
I will try to see if I can make it smart enough to cope with
coming in via bash.

   Tell me more about your mouse.  What would you like the
scroll wheel to scroll by default?


At 6:11 PM +0100 11/16/06, Dr. Christoph Gille wrote:
>I tested raswin on Windows 2000 and it already looks quite good.
>Installation and starting from the windows start menu worked well.
>I did not find the rasmol command shell. How can I select residues ?
>If "copy" in menu edit is copying the image
>to the clipboard you should label it
>"copy image". I was wondering whether there is a new feature and
>I could copy atoms.
>Starting from shell:
>neither raswin.exe nor rasmol.exe is known.
>Installer failed to set the PATH variable.
>CMD.EXE: I could start it with full path c:\Programme\RasWin\raswin.exe.
>This is uncomfortable and users should be able to start it by typing rasmol.
>What is really nice is that it is accepting long file names for pdb files.
>I can use standard file separator (slash) and DOS file separator (backslash).
>After Rasmol started the shell prompt is not accepting rasmol commands as I
>know it from UNIX.
>The control is taken over by CMD.EXE again.
>CYGWIN-BASH: Rasmol application frame is comming up
>but I get a memory error and Windows closes the application.
>The mouse wheel is not working otherwise mouse controle is OK.
>I hope this helps
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