[Molvis-list] Contact and request for support

Karl Sarnow karl.sarnow at eun.org
Thu Feb 22 04:47:38 EST 2007

Dear members of this list,
    I am responsible for Xplora, the European Science Education Gateway.
We are offering a free DVD with software and open content material from
the Internet. Xplora is financed by PENCIL, an EU project, so we also
include the results of our partners on the DVD.


I am physicist and teacher of math, physics and computer science, but
chemistry and biology are a bit off topic (even though I got my PhD a
long time ago in biophysics).

My question is: Do you have educational material for secondary schools,
which you would like to include on our DVD? Caution: We invite our
teachers to make as much copies of the DVD as they want. If you do not
like this, you should not think of giving us your material.

We have JMol, Rasmol and ViewMol ready installed, so a teacher does not
need to install or configure anything. Just boot the DVD and you step
into the applications. Any educational script supporting this software
is welcome.

Thanks for your support


Karl Sarnow
Science portal manager
Xplora - The European Science Education Gateway
E-mail: karl.sarnow at eun.org
Rue de Treves 61
B-1040 Brussels
Tel.: +32.2.790.7578
Fax.: +32.2.790.7585
Visit us at 
EUN: http://www.eun.org
Xplora: http://www.xplora.org

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