[Molvis-list] label molecules using Jjmol

Frieda Reichsman friedar at nsm.umass.edu
Thu Mar 8 07:29:43 EST 2007

Hi Sungsam,

To label specific atoms in Jmol, first select the atom you wish to  
label, like so:

select atomno=3482


select 324:a.ca
label Active Site

The latter adds the label "Active Site" to the alpha carbon (.ca) of  
chain A's residue 324.

Jmol has a terrific new command set for controlling label positions  
and label font as well. See the interactive scripting documentation at:
(Note the version of Jmol is 11. If you are using an earlier version,  
you can go from there to earlier scripting guides.)

This type of question probably better posted to the Jmol users  
mailing list - subscribe at jmol.org.


On Mar 8, 2007, at 5:46 AM, S.S. Gong wrote:

> Dear all,
> "label" which is a command of rasmol scripts draws default atom  
> labels.
> I just want to label not for very atom but for a selected residue  
> or an amino acid.
> "label residue true", which is a command of labeling a selected  
> residue, works well witch Chime but not with Jmol.
> It would be better if I could label selected molecules using  
> 'define' command.
> Any tips for labeling not for every atom but for defined regions or  
> a selected residue with Jmol?
> Thanks,
> Sungsam Gong.
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