[Molvis-list] label molecules using Jjmol

Kevin Karplus karplus at soe.ucsc.edu
Thu Mar 8 11:24:42 EST 2007

The "label" command in rasmol labels just the selected atoms:

 Syntax:  label {<string>}
         label <boolean>
 The RasMol 'label' command allows an arbitrary formatted text string
 to be associated with each currently selected atom. This string may
 contain embedded 'expansion specifiers' which display properties of
 the atom being labelled. An expansion specifier consists of a '%'
 character followed by a single alphabetic character specifying the
 property to be displayed. An actual '%' character may be displayed by
 using the expansion specifier '%%'.
 Atom labelling for the currently selected atoms may be turned off with
 the command 'label off'. By default, if no string is given as a
 parameter, RasMol uses labels appropriate for the current molecule.
 The colour of each label may be changed using the 'colour label'
 command. By default, each label is drawn in the same colour as the
 atom to which it is attached. The size and spacing of the displayed
 text may be changed using the 'set fontsize' command. The width of
 the strokes in the displayed text may be changed using the 'set
 fontstroke' command.
 For a list of expansion specifiers, type "help specifiers".

I don't know if jmol has an equivalent command---the few times I've
attempted to use jmol, nothing worked (possibly because of the
perennial incompatibility between versions of java---it turns out to
be *less* portable than other languages, not more portable).

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