[Molvis-list] Jmol Tutorial-Authoring Template Released

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Mon Sep 8 23:14:13 EDT 2008

At long last, I have completed a version of the Jmol 
Tutorial-Authoring Template (JTAT) that I believe to be adequately 
documented, and fully functional. Improvements since I last put up a 
pre-release version (July 2008):

  - Documentation on how to use the template, color key functions, 
etc. to author a tutorial has been completed.

  - A new chapter on DRuMS Color Schemes has been added to the JTAT 
Demonostration Tutorial.

  - The chapter on Animations and Movies in the JTAT Demonstration 
Tutorial has been clarified.

  - Functions are provided to easily generate standard color keys, 
and scripts are provided to apply the standard color schemes to 
molecular views. A Quick Reference page for color HTML is provided.

  - Support for checkboxes that modify the molecular view. Example: 
View 1 in the Demo Tutorial chapter on Color Schemes.

  - After centering an atom by clicking on it, the next time "Center 
Clicked" is checked, a new button appears for re-centering the entire molecule.

  - The links (at the bottom of every page in a tutorial) for further 
exploration of the molecules in the tutorial now support links to 
FirstGlance in Jmol that display modified or customized PDB files 
included in the tutorial, as well as the usual published PDB codes.

  - Jmol applet has been updated to the current version (11.6.RC12).

Of course, the entire template and website is downloadable in a 
single file, jtat.zip.

Caveat: I will be away from email until after September 20. Any 
questions, feedback, or things that I botched up will have to wait 
till after I get back.


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