[Molvis-list] Atlas, Proteopedia, Teaching, Tamiflu

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Tue Sep 30 17:31:40 EDT 2008

I have updated my Atlas of Macromolecules (http://atlas.molviz.org ) 
so each molecule now has direct links to Proteopedia, to FirstGlance 
in Jmol, and to Protein Explorer.

Also I updated the URL's for PQS .mmol entries, which had stopped working.

When I assign every student in a class to pick a different molecule, 
for those who don't have one in mind related to a research project, I 
suggest that they pick one from this Atlas. It contains about 160 
hand-picked molecules, each with a brief description, and many with 
snapshots. Each molecule is classified as straightforward, 
challenging, or enormous.

An example of a current lesson plan, in which students are assigned 
to record screenshots showing various aspects of their molecule in 
Powerpoint, is one for our Laboratory in Molecular Genetics class, 
http://565.molviz.org. This introduces structural bioinformatics and 
protein visualization. Students email their Powerpoint "notebooks" to 
me for assessment (they are not presented in class due to limited 
time, two class meetings). It also uses Tamiflu:Neuraminidase N1 
(from the pandemic threat H5N1) as a case study, shown in a new page 
in Proteopedia,


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