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Version History


Major new features

  • Reimplemented gdata infrastructure. All users should update to this version because it is no longer compatible with previous gdata format. The data release have also been updated.
  • More association tests included: a partial list of ''rvtests'' and a QuickRegression routine.
  • Development moved to to take advantage of its “issue” tracker system for interaction with users.


Binary releases of SEQPower is no longer provided. Instead we release Docker images that supports all platforms where the Docker program is available.


Fix a critical regression bug that makes --proportion_detrimental crippled under default setting of --def_disruptive


SEQPower does not provide “lite” version now – spower simulate will be available by default.


Major new features

  • Update default parameters to implement the European demographic model recently published [Gazave et al (2013)] for spower simulate
  • Add --replicate -1 option to allow for calculating average power/sample size estimates over the entire input data file
  • Add --missing_unlisted option to include a list of variants that mimics the exome chip design

Minor new features

  • Implement the truncated selection coefficient distribution (Kyrukov et al 2009) model. See updated spower simulate -h
  • Color optimization for plots


Major new features

  • Command interface change, with improved naming convention for phenotype models
  • Significant improvement on storage data format for haplotype pools
  • Add spower simulate command. Now SEQPower has two versions: “Lite” (without this command) and “Full” (with this command).
  • Add spower execute --plot command
  • spower show is now compatible with SEQPower database input file

Minor new features

  • Improved format for spower show output result
  • Change output for GroupWrite to haplotypes; the minor allele count genotype output is still available with an additional switch --recode on
  • Add --limit switch to restrict calculation to specified number of association units
  • Add more simulated data set. Users need to completely update all haplotype pools data as the binary data format with release 1.0 beta are no longer supported
  • Improved installation package for MacOSX


Various minor bug fixes


First public release of SEQPower