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The word "Ambush" means attack from a concealed place. This word refers to war-fighting in general but have significantly been exploited to different subject areas. This word was often used since 2004 in Biotechnologies.


Coding sequences lack stop codons and they are often termed as "off-frame" stops. It was not clear until 2004 that the hidden stops could be used for selection hypothesis. Seligmann and Pollock devise ambush hypothesis to coherently describe how hidden stops contribute to the synonymous position state. Thus they might compensate for saving energies, reducing efficiency of the genomic and biosynthetic machinery. It is not clear whether or not experimental data is collated with this hypothesis.


Seligmann H, Pollock DD. The ambush hypothesis: hidden stop codons prevent off-frame gene reading. DNA Cell Biol. 2004;23(10):701-5.

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