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This page is to summarize the changes that will need to be made to birchconfig in order to get it to work on windows platforms


I now have a tarball for the framework that is able to install and setup BIRCH properly, so far as I can tell.

A video of the process can be viewed here

Outstanding issues

Issues stem from the fact that we are using windows JVM, but must run everything else through cygwin

The plan

  1. Find out what it will take to keep birchconfig from crashing
  2. Modify profile.source and cshrc.source accordingly so that there is appropriate entries for "winxp-32"
  3. Modify birchconfig to use and probes instead of guessing
  4. The scripts that birchconfig is using are all shell scripts, they will need to be updated to python scripts anyways, so probably the sooner the better.

How to trick windows into working

  1. Anytime you are working with paths, try and make them relative to CWD using java's System.getProperty("user.dir")
  2. Whenever exporting to a tarball, you need to make sure you reset the permissions to good ones before compression.

The process:

  1. Make the changes to the framework
  2. Test them within IDE, if they don't work, go back to step 1, if they do, go to step 3
  3. Revert all the files that you DIDN'T mean to change (commit the ones that you did, then revert the rest of the project)
  4. Export the project
  5. Set the permissions
  6. Create the tarball
  7. Test the standalone tarball

Issues Solved

Note: it would be helpful if all the birch environment variables had "BIRCH" in them.

I have also created a wrapper "" which i put in /usr/bin, so that it is recognized BEFORE the windows java. This way it can convert unix to dos paths and then invoke the windows java. (note to self: todo: modify to use cmd /c start java as a prefix)

WindowsCompat and runCommand

The modifications that I made to runCommand and calls to WindowsCompat won't affect how birchconfig works in windows. Simply put, if the platform isn't windows the default/original behavior is used. My changes will only take effect if the platform is set to windows.


Biolegato Implications

Luckily, biolegato is able to open files without needing to use the WindowsCompat class that I created.

There are however implications for how biolegato will run programs: 

To Do

For some reason there is an issue with the file permissions, this needs to be fixed. (revert unmodified files back to base revision)

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