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Development environment

In an effort to keep windows binary development from being a huge headache to maintain, we are using premake for platform independent build target definition, and mingw/msys for a minimalist build environment. By targeting mingw, we are able to target the lowest common denominator of unix environments, ie, if we can get a project to build/run an windows, we should be able to get it to build and run on any unix platform.

Setting up the development environment

You must first install msysgit to clone the projects and be able to keep up to date. While you can build against project snapshots without using git, it is highly recommend that you use git to ease collaboration.

Once you have installed msysgit, clone the projects:

You must now install mingw using the latest mingw-get installer (as of today it is this

When you are installing mingw, select C/C++ compilers, as well as developer tools and msys.

You can new launch the mingw build environment by running thy msys bat file, which should be in the folder where you installed mingw in the msys subdirectory.

To build fasta, you will also need to follow the instructions here to build zlib, which is required by fasta but is not included in mingw.

Note: for msys utilities that you are missing (such as wget) you can use the program mingw-get install (like apt-get/yum) to install them.

A full list of the binaries, totally 11MB unzipped.

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