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bioLegato: Biolegato Menu Language

Note: We should have a look at menus from other applications to see if there are capabilities that need to be in our menus (OpenOffice, Mozilla, MS-Office, NetBeans)


Biolegato will probably just directly read the menu directory hierarchy, rather than reading a .bioLegatomenus file.



Moving away from .GDEMenus

eg. $TEXTEDITOR is an environment variable; !TEXTEDITOR! is an internal variable; !IN1! is another
Instead of a script, another way to do this is to add a plugin to bioLegato that reads .GDEmenus as usual, but then writes out the new format.

== Possible multiple help buttons? Have a command like itemopen: to let you choose both the help file and the method to open it. (Should itemopen and itemhelp be combined into a single line?)

Need ways of using data from an object in the menu.

For example, the sequence length should be accessible as a variable within the menu. Two ideas:

Conditional display of some parameters?

That is some parameters are irrelevant depending on the settings of others. For example, in DNAPARS, there are four parameters that can are not used if resampling is not done. In GDE, these are offset by five dash characters to make it look like indentation. You can still set these parameters, but they are only used if resampling is done.

One approach is to gray out irrelevant parameters. Another would be to just not have them appear if not used.

be able to run jar files directly (saves memory)

Use plugin code


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