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This section should soon get replaced with a separate project on bioLegato.

Forking bioLegato and GDE

BIRCH is now at the point where further development is limited by the need for backward compatability with GDE. We need to begin the process of forking bioLegato and GDE. GDE will continue to be distributed with BIRCH for the immediate future as an unsupported legacy application.

Nomenclature of commands for biolegato

foreach program in (bldna, blprotein, bldata, blmarker, bltree)

# ----- Convert an existing local/dat/GDE directory into a local/dat/biolegato
# ----- directory. This is only called in an update, not in a new install

if local/dat/bldna exists

     do nothing


   if local/dat/GDE exists

      # Make a copy of the existing GDE directory and use it to create
      # a new biolegato directory

      # Restructure the biolegato directory so that it only contains
      # the contents of the existing makemenus directory, minus the 
      # GDE-HELP-DIR-xxx-xxx etc.

What has to be done by hand:

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