Biological structure and function (book list)

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ISBN 0824725409.png
Structural Biology of the Complement System
By: J. D. Lambris, Dimitrios Morikis (Ed)
Edition: 1st edition, March 2005
Format: Paperback, 500pp
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824725409
ISBN 0878936637.png
Protein Stucture and Function
By: Gregory A. Petsko, Dagmar Ringe
Edition: 1st edition, January 2004
Format: Paperback, 195pp
Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 0878936637
ISBN 0198504748.png
Introduction to Protein Architecture: The Structural Biology of Proteins
By: Arthur M. Lesk
Edition: 1st edition, August 2000
Format: Paperback textbook, 347pp
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198504748
ISBN 0815323050.png
Introduction to Protein Structure
By: Carl-Ivar Branden, John Tooze
Edition: 2nd edition, December 1998
Format: Paperback textbook, 410pp
Publisher: Garland Publishing
ISBN: 0815323050
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