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Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Proteomics and Genomics
By: Jurgen Fuchs (Ed), Maurizio Podda (Ed)
Edition: 1st edition, January 2005
Format: Hardcover, 1600pp
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
ISBN: 0824755642
ISBN 0824709829.png
Compact Handbook of Computational Biology
By: Andrzej K. Konopka, M. James Crabbe
Edition: 1st edition, August 2004
Format: Hardcover, 650pp
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
ISBN: 0824709829
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Dictionary of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
By: John M. Hancock, Marketa J. Zvelebil (Ed)
Edition: 1st edition, June 2004
Format: Hardcover, 640pp
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
ISBN: 0471436224
ISBN 1859962726.png
Instant Notes in Bioinformatics
By: David R. Westhead, Richard M. Twyman
Edition: 1st edition, October 2002
Format: Paperback, 304pp
Publisher: BIOS Scientific Publishing
ISBN: 1859962726
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