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Hi Brian

You should be able to access this page while on campus: In here you should be able to search for your site and gather stats for each month going back to 2012. Please let me know if this works out for you.

Lee Martin
Senior Developer
Web & Mobile Solutions
University of Manitoba

On this page, click on Downloads-Full list to visit a list of files downloaded. Use the browser's Find function to search for a file eg. framework_D.tar.gz.

Note: We see 26 hits in July 2104, but none in Aug. or June. However, we did multiple downloads using getbirch. What's going on?

Source code is in BIRCHDEV/getbirch/java-src/install. is where the URL is set to so it looks like Java must be going through the U of M web server. Why, then, aren't hits from getbirch showing up? The path in the java source goes through a symbolic link into a different filesystem. If we went through FTP, would it show up then? If we did, then we might need to get permission to look at FTP download statistics.

It doesnt' appear to be FTP perse. It looks like the web server won't display downloads for any file for which there are less than 15 downloads. This was done by running wget from the command lines for different numbers of downloads. It seems likely that there must still be information on the downloads, but it isn't getting into the web reports. See data from software/BIRCH/Distribution/DownloadStats directory.

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