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Why choose the Bioinformatics Organization?

The Bioinformatics Organization is an international organization that promotes open-access in the field of bioinformatics by providing free and open resources for research, development and education so that such resources can be further developed. The Organization has a Web-based collaborative development environment (CDE) for bioinformatics projects that are developed in the spirit of freedom and openness (e.g., a program is distributed under an OSI-approved license).

Collaborative Development Environment (CDE)

With our CDE, Bioinformatics.Org offers a cornucopia of services to developers:

General services

We also offer services for developer and non-developer alike:

Bioinformatics.Org vs.

Bioinformatics.Org currently runs an earlier version of the SourceForge system, but we distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

New features

Bioinformatics.Org will soon be rolling out some new features:

Once logged into the system, you can register a new group. We invite you to do so today!

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