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Developer Artelnics
Latest release 1.8.0 / 3 August 2015
Operating system N/A
Programming language N/A
Language English
Genre deep learning, data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analysis



Neural Designer is an innovative tool for data mining based on deep learning techniques, a new area of machine learning research. It makes intelligent use of data by discovering complex relationships, recognizing unknown patterns or predicting actual trends. The software is being widely used in the field of biotechnology. Some examples of Neural Designer into biotechnology are medical diagnosis, bioprocess modeling, microarray analysis, therapy design, drug discovery, food improvement, among many others.


Neural Designer is a general predictive analytics software. It implements deep learning architectures with multiple non-linear layers and contains utilities to solve function regression and pattern recognition problems. The input to Neural Designer is a data set, and the output from it is a predictive model. That result takes the form of an explicit mathematical expression, which can be exported to any computer language or system. The software outstands in terms of execution speed and memory allocation, which allows analyzing bigger data sets in less time.

Source code

Neural Designer follows an open core model by using OpenNN inside its learning engine. OpenNN (Open Neural Networks Library) is a software library written in the C++ programming language which implements neural networks, a main area of deep learning research. The library is open source, hosted at SourceForge and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Supported platforms

Neural Designer supports Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

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