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Installation Instructions

PHYLIP3.6 available in bins. The archive also contains the documentation for compiling binaries.

Documentation for installing binaries, available in doc

The package already has the executables for windows, but if compiling the source is desired: Unsuccessful to bulid drawtree.exe and drawgram.exe from compiling the source.

Comments from Dale, for comiling the sources to build binaries:

We want to compile drawgram and drawtree without the X11 graphics option, mainly because of concern that on some systems, the compiled binaries may not find their respective libraries if the Xlibs aren't in the expected place.

In the Makefile:


Note that the default of $(CLIBS) is wrong, because CLIBS is not defined, whereas LIBS is defined

LIBS = -lm

When the original DLIBS line is used, the compiler can't find the math libraries.

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