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  1. We could definitely try to convert the BIRCH framework to Python and Java, thereby making the framework entirely system independent.
  2. We could look into using pre-existing packager tools that will install the JRE if not already installed. Check out the following websites for additional information and possibilities (some are primarily written for Java to exe, however ALL contain information for packaging tools):
  3. Migrate any script makefiles, etc. to Apache ANT <> (thereby making BIRCH even more system independent!)
  4. We could better organize the wikis (prevent replication or loss of information)
    • Make all of the wiki pages consistent
    • Remove duplicate information (i.e. all Todo lists should be in only ONE location) - this can be done by just moving BioLegato and BIRCH things from MGCB2 to the BIRCH or BioLegato wiki. Also, we can link the two wikis (e.g. put the BioLegato todo list link on the BIRCH wiki)
  5. We could look for (or write) Java replacements for many of the binary tools available for BIRCH
  6. We could talk with authors of irreplaceable programs, and see if we could collaborate with them to convert (or maintain) a system-independent version of their program (e.g. using Java)
  7. Look into hosting the BIRCH subversion tree on a website. This would be beneficial, by inviting others to contribute patches to the BIRCH framework, thereby increasing the amount of programmers we will have working on BIRCH.
  8. Host BioLegato also on
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