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Basic Paper Outline

  1. Get git-kit: download git-kit, and make sure you have python 2.6+ installed and on the PATH variable.#
  2. git-kit setup: configure your workspace, or load an existing workspace.
    1. Choose which files to ignore, where to backup remotely, and any build-hooks to run.
  3. git-kit sync: a daemonizable sync operation, that watches your directory structure of anything tracked in your workspace. Run it once after git-kit has been. This is designed to sync a submodule of a project, so that you can mix-and match, for easy re-use. It can be used for any type of file, but is most efficient with text as opposed to binary data. It is perfect for tracking documentation, source code, and core binaries (for bootstrapping). essentially, git-kit sync provides an open-source alternative to dropbox.

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