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GOAL FOR TONIGHT: What I really want by the end of the evening is working BIRCHBINDEV directory, and a good start on whatever else is currently working on Windows.


Quick walk through BIRCH Development Protocols and Directories (Brian)

Unix paths on Windows:

Home directories:


Get this to the point where the BIRCHBINDEV/bin-winxp-32 directory has the current versions of all binaries so far.

QUESTION - how realistic is it that these binaries will run on both winxp-32 and win7-64?

The next steps we'll do tonight, but in the near future, we need to test how good portable the binaries are on other Windows systems.

Dale - State of Getbrich installer on Windows

BIRCH install-scripts on Windows

The lack of a prototype install-scripts directory is holding up many aspects of BIRCH development.

install-scripts should be platform agnostic (no special cases for windows)

BIRCH applicatioins programs and scripts on Windows

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