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This meeting will be to discuss the current state of getbirch, as well as the plan for when the refactor is complete

Current state

Getbirch is currently in the process of being refactored. This involves decoupling the "get and extract and display stuff" logic from the "run scripts to do updates and installs" logic. Overall, this yields a better design of getbirch, as getbirch is used specifically as a wrapper around the existing install and update logic. This is probably what getbirch should have done from the get-go, but my lack of experience developing software gave way to its present design.

Right now, there is an "install-scripts" folder inside of getbirch/src. This folder contains two scripts "" and "". Install does an install, and update does an update. There are other folders inside of install-scripts that contain the libraries that both install and update depend on.

Right now, I am in the process cleaning up these modules so that they don't reference anything anywhere else inside of getbirch.

Currently, getbirch does not run, as this refactor has broken a lot of things temporarily.


Finish refactoring the install and update modules so that they work completely stand-alone from inside of an existing BIRCH hierarchy. Modify getbirch so that it simply calls the correct one of these two scripts once it is done fetching and untarring. This way, the user can fetch and untar BIRCH themselves, and simply run either "install" or "update" at the command line as they please.

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