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1. in bldna, read in GMCAB2, GMCAB3, PEACAB15 and WHTCAB from $birch/tutorials/bioLegato/dotmatrix directory.
2. In name pane, SelectAll; Database --> Features - extract by FeatureKeys. This should give a new bldna window with the coding sequences.
3. Select GMCAB2, GMCAB3, PEACAB15. Group.
4. repeat 2. New bldna window pops up, but it is empty.
5. It is now impossible to Ungroup these sequences.

The problem seems to be how bioLegato exports the sequences, or rather fails to. BL creates a temporary file called temp.xxxx.fea, which is empty. It should contain fasta-formatted sequences. The empty file results in a splitdb job getting into an infinite loop.
There seems to be a separate problem. In step 1, if you never click inside the sequence pane, nothing gets selected. It's not enough to select names. At least once, you must click inside the sequence pane.

String COMMAND = new String( "/bin/csh ../script/browser.failsafe.csh " + BP.homedir + "/public_html/index.html &");
OKAY = runner.runCommand(COMMAND);

In bioLegato, you should probably call all itemmethod's using /bin/sh.

Readseq version 2.1.27 (19-Apr-2008)

    • birch - the high-level launcher for all biolegato and other GUI programs
    • bldata - the successor to dGDE. we will need to come up with a replacement for the old SeqHound web services
    • biolegato - typing 'biolegato' should prompt the user to use either bldna or blprotein

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